How to choose Glasses?

When it comes to glasses and how to wear them a lot of people are skeptical and suspicious. How long will I wear them? How will I look like? How will I adjust? What makeup should I wear? These are the most popular questions asked by the ones that are going to wear glasses. Personally, I wear glasses and I can say it’s not an easy job, but I think that it`s just a matter of time until you get used to them. But even after so many years, I still have issues when it comes to displaying myself wearing glasses in the world.

Today it is your lucky day because all your questions will be answered and moreover I will share with you. In this article you will find everything you need to know about how to choose glasses based on your face shape, eye color and also how to choose the right makeup according to the type of frames and lenses.

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1. Type of frame

If you like glasses with frames in bright colors or glasses without frames, you should know that it’s okay to use more makeup because it will highlight the eyes. On the other hand, those who have glasses with dark frames, need to know that it goes on the principle of  “less is more”. You can choose only mascara (so you can not go wrong), a little eyeliner or eyeshadow in neutral colors or you could very well focus only on our lips and get off the hook easily.

2. Type of lenses

This factor is as important or even more important than the first one, and I’ll tell you why. When you wear glasses, the lenses can make your eyes look bigger or smaller than they are in reality and that`s why we must take this into consideration when we wear makeup. If your eyes look bigger, use dark shades and you`ll get rid of the problem. If your eyes look smaller, you can use lightener on the inner corner of the eye.

Tips: Our focus should be put on the eyebrows. If you have beautiful eyebrows, makeup is less important.

3. Complexion

If you have pale skin you can go for shades like honey, gold, khaki, orange, beige or coral. For those with dark skin, the recommended shades are pink, blue, purple, jade or silver.


4. Eyes

Blue eyes: For this kind of eyes is better to choose some frames in gold shade because it will highlight your eye color. If you want an intense look you can opt for a shade that is similar with your eye shade such as violet or cobalt blue.

Brown eyes: If you want a contrast between your eye color and frame color you can opt for colors like lavender, cocoa or orange.

Green eyes: You can try a frame in plum or emerald green shades.


5. Face Shape

Square face: You can opt for no frame at the bottom of the glasses or for an even better choice: cat eye or elongated frame.

Round shape: Choose frames narrow and elongated. Rectangular frames are a great option to lengthen the face too.

Heart shape: Thin and round frames help minimize a wide forehead. You can also opt for thin and light frames.

Rectangular shape: Choose frames with wider delicate edges or those with rounded corners. Avoid square frames.

Oval shape: You can choose any type of frames but it`s better if you avoid frames that are too narrow or too round.

As I said, I know that wearing glasses is not as easy as it seems, but if you follow religiously these basic rules there’s no way to fail. Do not forget that glasses are accessories too, so you must wear them right and with confidence. Also nowadays glasses are very cool and trendy and many people go for fake ones just to be fashionable.

Be beautiful, bold, confident! Be you!

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