How to Cleaning Your Lenses?

Cleaning your lenses sounds like a simple process, and it is. However, many people still find difficulty in removing smudges and fingerprints from their lenses even after cleaning them. This is because many people do not know the proper way to clean a glasses lens. Certain methods such as using tissues are counterproductive because tissues leave small lint on the lenses and may add tiny scratches over time. Instead, follow these steps in order to see through clean, clear lenses.

  • You can also clean your lenses by using your fingers to gently wash them with dish soap and lukewarm water; this is a common and very effective method.
  • Be sure to use just a tiny drop of dish soap and warm water.
  • Subsequently, be sure to dry the lenses with a cloth made specifically for lenses.
  • We also provide a microfiber cloth in our orders that you can use to remove all lint without damaging the lenses.

Whether your eyeglasees or sunglasses are too loose, too tight, or crooked, there is never a reason to wear glasses that are uncomfortable. Dirty lenses aren’t fun either –  so make sure your vision is as perfect as it can be. Just use these simple steps when cleaning and adjusting your glasses and you’ll be happy to see the differences in your comfortability and vision. Owned and operated by expert opticians, Bfocus eye wear prides itself on being aware and knowledgeable on the latest in the optical industry. We are here to help you with all your questions relating to your glasses and contacts.